Children and Divorce

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Children And Divorce
What are your children saying when you are not present?

"I feel like I'm an outsider. I hear my Mom cry at night.
My Dad is angry. What about me?"

Smart Divorce, Raise Happy, Healthy Kids gives you a step-by-step plan for guiding your children safely through the troubled waters of divorce and helping them adjust to the new family situation:

* There is always a family when there is a child.
* Your child exists because of the two of you.
* Your child experiences both of you as family.
* When you are family to your child... you are family to each other.

Smart Divorce, Raise Happy, Healthy Kids includes...
  • 3 specific steps for engaging the other parent in a co-parenting process for your children's sake.
  • 12 ideas for building a peaceful co-parenting future.
  • Specific steps on how to make changes as a family together.
  • 6-step Grief to Discovery to Completion Process to help you and your children overcome the lingering effects of divorce.
  • As a single parent, what to do to take care of yourself.
  • 11 ways to help your child express and release his / her feelings.
  • 5 steps to a positive approach to parenting with specific examples. . .all backed by research.
  • Daily parenting guidelines.
  • Inexpensive activities and vacation ideas to help you bond and form a new family structure.
  • What to do when your child comes to visit.
    For the parents who see their child(ren) on a part-time basis
  • Dating guidelines for you, the divorced parent.
  • What is Mediation and how can you benefit from this process?
  • What is Collaborative Divorce? Benefits?
  • And much, much more . . .

Children and Divorce - Smart Divorce offers you the opportunity to try on new beliefs, put into place new tools, ideas and concepts to deal with your divorce experience.

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children and divorce madeline binder  I was divorced after a 27-year turbulent marriage. I was hurt, angry,
 fearful and unprepared for the financial and emotional upheaval that
 followed. At the  time, one of my children was living at home; the
 other had just moved out.

 In the midst of my internal chaos came two decisions. First, I knew I  had to help my children heal their pain with both their father and me
 so that we could create a new family that would come together in civilized harmony.

Second, I had to figure out what I had done to contribute to this situation—because I never wanted another relationship that duplicated what I had been through in my marriage. My journey of healing and self-discovery began when I asked myself that question.

I must tell you that at times it was very difficult to look at myself, to look at the reality that I had created, and to shift my belief systems. In retrospect, it truly was worth the time and effort—and even the pain. I found that I was a creative, resourceful woman, able to discover solutions that I could never have seen before. Today, I am much more compassionate, honest and loving. I am a work in progress.

Smart Divorce is a compilation of the wisdom I have gained through interviews, research, stories my clients have told me, and my family’s own experience. I’ve learned that even if it’s been years since the divorce, it’s not too late to begin the healing. The return of hope to your children’s lives is the greatest gift you can give them.

Madeline Binder, M.S. Human Services Counseling
Smart Divorce

What Divorced Parents are Saying After Adopting
The Children and Divorce - Smart Divorce Principles ...

I am relieved at seeing the results of our past pains heal, particularly for our children. This remarkable transformational experience has given us the opportunity to create a harmonious expanded family.
Marilyn Barr, Connecticut divorced mother of 3 whose three children are now happily married with their own children.

A wonderful e-book that provided me an unexpected and safe means of moving past old barriers into a new adult relationship with my former spouse, and most of all, what a relief for our children to again feel comfortable when both their parents come together with them.
Leonard Murphy, Virgina, father of 2

As the family comes together on a social level, we are continuously building a supportive family unit filled with trust, love and friendship.
Bob Thompson, New York, divorced father of a 2-year old


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Parent Happy, Healthy Children
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“Even if it’s been years since the divorce,
it’s not too late to begin the healing.
The return of hope to your children’s lives
is the greatest gift you can give them.”

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Smart Divorce
Parent Happy, Healthy Kids

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